Composing to me, is a perfect way to liaise with other artists through a flow of work arising from the encounter of different creativities.

The various aspects of my style and the pleasure of writing, cross-over different musical genres, allowing me to work with directors, dancers, librettists, theatrical script writers, photographers, film/videomakers, harmonising with the various different needs thanks to my first musical imprint as etno-jazz-rock-pop electric bass guitar player.

Since 2007 I have composed for amateur, youth and child orchestra and choir. I teach composition, counterpoint, harmony and solfége for different musical levels with interest and satisfaction.


2016 ©Andrea Messana

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                photo by ©Andrea Messana

Currently I am writing “The Wardrobe” and “Code”. The former is a project between opera and video-art on libret by Nerina Cocchi, it involve artists from The United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium, Spain and Portugal, and it will be part of my Final Mmus Project at the Royal Academy of Music, London, where I study with Christopher Austin as principal professor. The latter is a performative installation project conceived by the photographer Andrea Messana, whom I will collaborate with next November in Mons, Belgium, in order to complete the composition.

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